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How C.O.L.C. Hub Works and Ordering

Important Information below. Please read completely.


Each membership purchased from us covers the homeschooling student and teacher for one school year.

We offer our C.O.L.C. Online Homeschooling Hub that is a complete online educational platform that homeschooling parents can use to homeschool their children from grades 1 to 12. All content is complete for ONE school year in compliance with provincial education authorities.

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How it Works

C.O.L.C Homeschooling Hub is a complete online school administration teaching portal that is specifically tailored to each student and homeschooling parent. Three portals to the hub are provided.

  1. System Administrator Portal: We are the system administrator of the hub. This portal is for our system administrators. We setup the administer and setup each portal for the teacher and student.
  2. Teacher Portal: This portal is what the teacher uses to create day/lesson plans, assignments, quizzes, exams, grading and scheduling of school time, events and teaching.
  3. Student Portal: This is the portal that the students uses to do their online school work.

The administrator, teachers and students have their own unique logins to their own custom tailored online education learning hub.

We Provide:

  1. Custom tailored online learning hub for each parent and student. Each teacher and student gets their own logins to their own hubs.
  2. Installation of provincial curriculum into each teacher’s hub for their students. This is included in the cost of the yearly membership.
  3. Full training to teachers in how to administer and use their teaching portal through comprehensive online tutorials which includes 24/7 technical and administrative support from Calgary Online Learning Centre. Please allow for training time prior to the beginning of the next school year.

The above is INCLUDED in the price of the yearly membership purchased from us.

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We Don’t Provide:

  1. Provincial education curriculum. This is the responsibility of the homeschooling parent in their school district to provide us the curriculum to load into their Hubs. It comes in the form of FILES that would be emailed to us. Information about homeschooling and attaining curriculum in Alberta can be found at: Alberta Homeschooling Association. If you are from other provinces, please seek out your provincial homeschooling association.
  2. Teaching of the curriculum to homeschooling students, although your customized Hub will contain lots of content that is self-guided for students.
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Cost of Service

The price to use our C.O.L.C. Online Homeschooling Hub is:

  • $359.40 CAD/year for use of personalized and customized Hub. Tax refundable officials receipts are given upon payment of the service.

Ways to Pay:

  • Payment for full school year: It can be paid up front for the school year. Comes with full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee in accordance with our Terms and Conditions policy.
  • Month-to-month service with monthly installments. Cost is $29.95/month. Comes with full 7 Day Money Back Guarantee in accordance with our Terms and Conditions policy.

** Cost of C.O.L.C. Online Homeschooling Hub Reimbursment: You may be eligible for you to get reimbursed for the cost of using the Hub through Alberta Education or your provincial education governments if out-of province, but within Canada. For Alberta, this information is available at Alberta Homeschooling Association website. You will receive officials receipts of your purchase.

How Do I start Homeschooling in Alberta?

Alberta Homeschooling Association has everything you need to homeschool your children in Alberta in the way of government forms and information to get started. They DO NOT provide an online learning hub for homeschooling. That is where we provide the C.O.L.C. Online Homeschooling Hub. Click on Alberta Homeschooling Association to begin the process. Below is the basic process.

Basic Process for Homeschooling

  1. Government Process: Notify your area school board and provincial education government that you are choosing to homeschool your children in the next school year. For Calgary, Alberta, go to CBE Home Education to get the necessary forms and information on the process of completing the municipal and provincial requirements. For other locations within Alberta, go to: Home Education: There is a time limit for this process. Please check! Click here for FORMS for Homeschooling in Alberta. If you live outside of Alberta, please seek out your province’s equivalent.
  2. Acquire Provincial Curriculum: Curriculum is typically not supplied with homeschooling. However if you live in Alberta and want to homeschool, you can get information about current curriculum and resources at: Alberta Education (My Child’s Learning – A Parent’s Resource is full of information including current curriculum for homeschooling. If you live out-of-province, then seek out your provincial home education (homeschooling) authority for it’s equivalent.
  3. Register with C.O.L.C. Online Homeschooling Hub: Go to and register your children for the next school year. Once payment is received, We will create your account with the Hub and develop your individualized teacher portal and student portal. Once completed, you will be emailed your login credentials for the teacher and student.
  4. Wait for Us to Contact You (within 24 hours): We will contact you once your COLC Hub account is setup. You will receive your login credentials for (teacher administrative portal) and (student learning portal)
  5. Take the “Easy to Learn” Online Training: Please make sure you allow time from the required “Teacher Portal” training of the Hub. You will be creating your children’s day/lesson plans, assignments, quizes, activities, exams, grading and school time scheduling. The system will automatically log your child’s grades and progress throughout their online homeschooling. The link for the training will be emailed to you ONE MONTH prior to beginning the next school year.
  6. Start Using Your Teacher and Student Hubs: at your own pace at the beginning of next school year. We have your back (Support) for all administrative and technical needs 24/7.

Note: Calgary Online Learning Centre does NOT provide school supplies or hardware technology such as a laptop. We provide the online Hubs for the homeschooling education. You may be eligible for re-imbursement from Alberta Education for cost of Hub and supplies for your children. For clients that are out of province, contact your provincial education system.

What if I am NOT living in Alberta?

Calgary Online Learning Centre also offers this online hub for out-of-province teachers/parents and students; however, you will need to seek out your province’s homeschooling association.

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Please click to Pre-Register or Contact Us with questions . You may also email questions to [email protected]

or call at 403-837-8478 to get more information.