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About C.O.L.C.

Calgary Online Learning Centre was founded May 8, 2020 as an online learning technical resource. We are located in Calgary, Alberta Canada and own and operate the C.O.L.C. Hub (Calgary Online Learning Centre Hub).

We are not a school or offering teaching to students; however, we offer our online homeschool Hub to provide an online learning environment for homeschooling students and is an effective administrative portal for homeschooling educators.

Due to the pandemic, online homeschooling is becoming very popular in Alberta and the rest of Canada. You set your own learning schedules and create personalized education for your children. This is MOST useful for special needs students with learning disabilities as well as for working parents who can not homeschool during normal school hours.

Our Mandate

The C.O.L.C online academic learning Hub is partnered with Light Touch Technologies. Our mandate is to provide a high quality, versatile portal for online homeschool learning for students where they can learn at their own pace and in the privacy of their own homes.

Light Touch Technologies hosts our Hub on their Internet servers. Us at Calgary Online Learning Centre operates, designs and maintains the Hub for every registrant who registers with our C.O.L.C. Homeschool Hub.

Our Educational Background

We have over 25 years experience in both online and in-class instruction of students in a vocational education capacity. Our experience is spanned from teaching to education administration to curriculum development for a wide variety of courses and school years.

Below are some of the schools we worked with (Technical, Administrative and Teaching)

Sprott Shaw Community College, Kamloops, BC
keyano-college, Fort McMurray, AB
Training Inc. Lethbridge, Alberta
MicroAge Red Deer, Alberta

Content of C.O.L.C. Online Homeschool Hub

The content of the Hub for each academic registrant from grades 1 – 12 will have current curriculum for their jurisdictions and provinces and be approved by their provincial government education boards. Day Plans, assignments, activities, quizzes and exams will all be provided if required by the homeschool educator.

C.O.L.C. Client Newsletter

Please signup to receive important upcoming and ongoing information in regards to the C.O.L.C. Online Homeschooling Hub.