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Online Homeschooling
in Alberta and Canada

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and variants of the virus that has occurred, online homeschooling is becoming very popular in Alberta and the rest of Canada. You set your own learning schedules and create personalized education for your children. This is MOST useful for special needs students with learning disabilities as well as for working parents who can not homeschool during normal school hours.

Our Hub accommodates for both regular school pace and slower-pace progressive learning for those students with learning disabilities.

C.O.L.C Homeschooling Hub is here for Albertans!

Calgary Online Learning Centre is offering an academic learning Hub that homeschooling parents can customize for their specific needs in education, yet still be guided by their local school board’s curriculum content and format. Our Hub will contain the necessary curriculum for parent’s to teach their children.

Homeschool learning in Alberta

What Homeschool Educators and Students Receive from C.O.L.C Homeschooling Hub.

The online homeschooling Hub which Calgary Online Learning provides is a complete online education system for homeschooling parents and their children. It is similar to the Calgary Education Board’s Online Hub, EXCEPT our C.O.L.C. Online Hub is specific for parents who choose to homeschool their children. Emphasis is placed for special needs children with learning disabilities in Alberta. However, our service is for ALL children and students who are going to be getting their education through Homeschooling.

Please click on “How it Works” to learn about our Hub service and the affordable cost to use it.

There is a fairly easy process to follow prior to registering with the C.O.L.C. Online Homeschooling Hub for the next school year. This process must be done with the provincial education system in your area.

In order to learn and start the process for homeschool learning in Alberta, click on:

Out of Province Homeschooling

You can also use our Hub if you are from a province outside of Alberta. You are required to use the provincial curriculum in your province as well as register with your provincial education system as a homeschool educator. The process is quite easy.

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